This is what Raynaud's Looks Like

For those who haven’t seen Raynaud’s Phenomenon, this is what it looks like. Conveniently, this was taken just after I’d arrived at the doctor’s office to look into this. I took the pictures to make sure the doc could see what was going on, in case I had to wait for a while and my hands warmed up. This was the result of a 10-15 min walk in -10ºC wearing several thermal layers (winter coat, thick sweater, and a t-shirt) and the beastly electrically heated glove-liners and thick mittens.

It’s surprisingly not painful in this state. I can’t feel much of anything on the skin, but I can feel pressure. It’s when they warm back up again that it gets painful. If I get to it quickly and get the water to the right temperature it isn’t too bad. But if it gets really bad and the water is too hot, then it’ll get quite painful when rewarming.


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