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Despite the many, many technical mistakes, I really enjoyed Gravity. It showed the true wonder, danger, and hope of space exploration. Sure they got the orbital mechanics wrong and I probably blurted out “BS!” every other minute, but much more important is that they got the approach that any pilot or astronaut takes: that you have to be prepared for everything, and deal with any situation with a level head and think your way through it. Most of all, the message that just being in space is astounding and the pinnacle of human achievement makes it worth watching. I hope this will restore some of the wonder of space for everyone that watches it.

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Peeta, The Movie Girlfriend

There’s been a lot of talk about Katniss Everdeen as an unconventional heroine, but she’s also got a pretty unconventional love interest, in that he would be a more Hollywood-conventional girlfriend than boyfriend.

— Linda Holmes, Monkey See / NPR

When reading The Hunger Games books, I noticed how Peeta is kinda useless at times. He seems close to death often, and always needs to be saved. It wasn’t until watching the movie this morning that I realized why this was so unusual. It’s because in every other action movie, it’s the FEMALE character that’s useless and has to be saved every time. The Hunger Games flips this around on its head! And that is part of why I love this story so very much. As it turns out, I’m not the only one who noticed that.